About Us

Scentmatchers was launched in September 2008 as an offshoot of Scentcrafters.com. It was created by Adam and Angela Schultz. Adam originally launched Scentcrafters, which makes custom perfume and cologne for individuals and businesses.

Shortly after Scentcrafters formed, Adam and Angela also started their life together as husband and wife. Literally a couple months after that, Angela found out she was pregnant with their first child. At that time Scentmatchers was also created. Needless to say, it was a busy period for the Schultz's!

Scentmatchers started after Scentcrafters' customers repeatedly asked if we could also provide a service to bring discontinued fragrances back to life. After enough people asked us this, we eventually woke up to the idea that, "Hey, we should give people what they want."

In 2013 we took the next step as a company and hired our first employees. We now have over 28 years of combined experience producing discontinued fragrances, and to date we have sold over 100,000 individual bottles of discontinued fragrances.

In 2014 we decided to increase our commitment to customer service and we hired our first full time Customer Service Manager, Pravin. We pride ourselves on providing quick and prompt customer service as repeat business becomes the cornerstone of our company.

In June of 2017 we increased the amount of perfume oil we used in fragrances by 50%, which we feel increases the quality of our product by it more potent and longer lasting. 

In 2018 we created this new streamlined website on the Shopify platform that we are very excited about. We also added 2 more full time employees as the business continues to grow.

Despite some initial growing pains, we are now considered one of the foremost experts in creating discontinued perfume and cologne. We look forward to recreating your memories as you become part of our story.

We'd like you to meet our team:

Angie is our Head Perfumer and is a co-owner of the business. In addition to have the most experience with fragrances she has also been named a Fragrance Expert by The Fragrance Academy. As of late Angela has been spending more time with her four children and her horses, but she still consults on difficult matches.

Favorite Discontinued Fragrance: Interlude by Frances Denney 

Adam is a co-owner and has had a few different roles throughout the history of the company. The one he has primarily settled into is marketing, although he does occasionally take out the trash as well to be sure they keep him around. He dabbles in inventions that don't work, but they also have yet to kill anyone.

Favorite Discontinued Fragrance: Surface by Aramis

Erica has been with the company for 6 years and was primarily responsible for making sure orders went out the door and were delivered to customers for many of those years. Now she's an expert at social media, customer service, choosing fragrances, and any new projects in the office. She recently had a newborn baby that we all celebrate here in the office, he often comes into work with her.

Favorite Discontinued Fragrance: Moon Sparkle by Escada

Angela is a relatively new hire, but has quickly grown into her role as Production Manager. She has been training under Angie as a perfumer, and also handled scheduling, packaging, and management. Lately she has been racking up the overtime. She has two young children that also spend quite a bit of time at the company.

Favorite Discontinued Fragrance: Strawberries and Champagne by Victoria's Secret

Pravin is a constant force of happiness here at Scentmatchers. He manages Customer Service and his Zen like approach to dealing with problems or concerns is a great benefit to our customers. He has been the Customer Service Manager for over 3 years. Pravin is the only employee to work remotely, so he enjoys the benefit of keeping his sanity.

Favorite Discontinued Fragrance: Millionaire by Mennen

Jessica recently celebrated her one year anniversary here at Scentmatchers. Her primary focus is on making perfume, she works very closely with both Angela's to ensure that recipes are followed properly. Her responsibilities and knowledge are growing by the day. She is also expecting her third child in December!

Favorite Discontinued Fragrance: Warm Embrace by Victoria's Secret

Monica has been with us for a little over a year. She was originally working part time because she had another job, but we saw how hard she worked (with a smile) and talked her into joining us full time. Right now she's involved in all parts of the business, but she is spending more time making fragrances the last couple months. She is a recent newlywed as well!

Favorite Discontinued Fragrance: En Fleur by Alyssa Ashley

Elizabeth is our most recent hire. She was referred by Monica as someone that would work hard and fit in well with co-workers. So far that's dead on. Elizabeth is an apprentice at most things but she's picking them up quickly. She doesn't talk much, but she does drive very fast! Very concerned for her this winter.

Favorite Discontinued Fragrance: Enjoli by Revlon